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Buy whole red snapper at grocery stores is the easiest way to get fresh or frozen red snapper fish. However, you can also look for online suppliers to find the best quality of red snapper in a whole. Red snapper is a warm water fish that mostly caught in the Gulf of Mexico and Indonesia. The fish can grow up to almost 40 inches, although most of the red snapper fish sold in the market is just about 25 inches.
Their skin is range from deep red to pink shades with medium to large scales. The fish have short and sharp teeth with firm flesh texture. The red snapper caught to be sold commercially and it is one of the most popular fish for sport fishing as well. The best time to fish for red snapper is summer season when the fish can be spotted easily. July to June is the best months for you to go fishing red snapper especially if you go to Florida. Moreover, there is short recreational season each year in the Gulf of Mexico.

The advantage for buy whole red snapper
If you bored with salmon, tuna, and mackerel for dietary meals then you can alternatively replace them once in awhile with red snapper. The mild white meat with fine texture of red snapper is good for any cooking methods. You can cook the fish by grilling, baking, pan frying, steaming, poaching, and broiling. The mild nutty flavor of the red snapper is great for any culinary experience.
Furthermore, it is also packed with healthy nutrition such as vitamins, minerals, and omega 3 fatty acids. This is why buy whole red snapper is the best way to get healthy diet meals. Not to mention red snapper is lower in calories and four ounces of raw just offer about 110 calories which is not too much. It also contains a small amount of fat and it has 45 grams cholesterol only with not saturated fat.
Here are the advantages for buy whole red snapper online or offline:
-          The whole red snapper price is cheaper than you buying fillets or steaks
Price for a whole red snapper is usually more affordable than when you purchase red snapper already filleted or in a steak form. When the fresh whole fish are caught and freeze on board, they are being delivered to the facilities. After that, the whole fish will be cleaned and the facilities will ask the staff to fillet the fish one by one meaning that it will add more labor cost. This is why fish fillet and steak price is more expensive than a whole fish. You can save your money by filleting on your own at home after you buy whole red snapper.
-          You can check the freshness of the fish easily
It is a lot easier to check the freshness of the fish in a whole rather than purchasing red snapper in fillets or steak. You can check from their appearance, texture, and smell. How to buy whole red snapper in fresh condition?
·         The skin should be shiny and bright with tight scales
·         The flesh texture should be firm with a bit moist and looks juicy
·         The eyes should appear bright and not sunken
·         The smell should not be off putting, it should smell fresh just like the ocean
·         Their belly cavity should be shiny and clean
This is why, it is easier to tell a whole fish whether they are good or not rather than fillets or steaks.
-          You can use the head and bones of the fish
You can use the head and bones of the whole red snapper to make stock or for another red snapper head recipe. They are delicious and moreover, you can get a lot of meat from the fish if you buy them in a whole.
Buy whole red snapper online
You can get frozen and fresh whole red snapper by buying it online. First recommendation is to purchase the fish in fresh condition because it tastes the best when they are in its freshest quality. They have juicy meat and packed with full nutrition. However, if you cannot find fresh red snapper in high quality condition then frozen is the second best option to have.
Why go frozen?
Buy frozen whole red snapper is easy because many online suppliers will keep their red snapper in frozen state to lock the freshness. Find Red Snapper supplier that receive their fish right from the boat to get the best quality frozen fish. Usually the fish that have been caught right on the boat will be quickly frozen and then shipped to the suppliers before they sold them online.
And did you know that sometime buying frozen whole red snapper is better than go fresh. It is because you still can get the freshest red snapper although they are frozen. You should know that the fresh red snapper that you are looking for in the grocery or seafood stores are mostly thawed previously. It is mean that they are no guarantee that the fresh fish you buy is really fresh fish; they can be caught several days before and then frozen in the market freezer before the fish is thawed by the market and sold in the fish counter as fresh red snapper.
You need to find top places to buy whole red snapper online. Go search on some forums or ask recommendation from the experts where you can purchase seafood including red snapper. From them, you can select one to two red snapper suppliers. However, you need to ensure that they can deliver the best quality product by look for their track records.
Never buy fish from the suppliers that cannot tell you where they are sourced their fish from. You need to ask detailed information such as the shipping cost, tax, storage method, deliver method, and other important frequently questions when you want to buy whole red snapper in online suppliers. You may want to ask for some sample as well to check the quality of the products before really order from them.

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