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Red Snapper Size

Red snapper size can reach about 2 to 4 pounds, however they can also reach up to 50 pounds depend on the habitat. It has deep red to pinkish color with a bit silvery shades of skin. The true red snapper can be found in the Gulf of Mexico or Atlantic Ocean and this fish usually inhabit coral reefs or rocky bottoms.
The red snapper is considered as a game fish since they are struggling a lot when being caught by the gear. Not to mention the size of the snapper and its vibrant appearance can make a beautiful trophy. It is also regarded as one of the most popular fish to be consumed by many people and this is why they are sold in quite high price and it is commonly expensive around the market in the world.

Information about the red snapper size and habitat
Red snapper does not have upper canine teeth unlike other type of snapper fish, but they are equipped with sharp needle-like teeth. The red snapper is a common species found in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean including Indonesia. They are also can be found in waters such as Andaman Sea in the Thailand. The red snapper prefer warm waters temperature which ranging from 10 to 20 degrees Celsius or 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
The red snapper is like to inhabit in the depth of the sea up to 300 feet and they are like the bottom dwellers which can be found in places such as coral reefs, wrecks, oil rig platforms, drop-offs, ledgers, seamounts, and artificial reefs. The mature red snappers are often being found in rocky bottoms while younger one prefers locations with shallow waters like in the muddy and sandy bottoms.
There are also easily to be spotted in large schools in the same size. The red snapper size can reach 3 feet of length with weight around 35 lbs. or more. But, most of the red snapper that has been caught is averagely have size about 1 to 2 feet with weight less than 10 lbs. The biggest red snapper that has been caught is in the year of 1966, the fish is caught in Louisiana with weight up to 50 lbs 4 oz. This red snapper is called monster and they can live up to twenty years.
The red snapper has deep red to pinkish with a bit silvery shade of skin color. Their unique characteristic is the spiny dorsal fin that reaches almost to the tail of the fish body. This red snapper has sharp tiny teeth and their appearance full of medium to large scales. They have beautiful appearance with reddish to pink skin plus fading with silvery whitish color. The young red snapper can be spotted to have black spot on each of the side of the body.
10 snapper facts which you need to know
Here are some of red snapper facts that you probably does not know yet:
-          The red snapper actually can grow up to 40 inches with weight around 50 pounds and can live more than 50 years.
-          The fish begins to produce when they are reaches 2 years old. They are spanning from May to October and they prefer coral reefs or rocky ledges. The older and bigger red snapper can produce more eggs than the younger one.
-          Many people love to sport fishing red snapper. The best spot is of course the Gulf of Mexico, many fishermen targeting red snapper as well as other fish species. The locals make it as fishing trip too.
-          The red snapper is among the most valuable fish in the Gulf of Mexico as well as in the world due to the high market demand as export and import commodity. Not to mention the fish is valued because of they have delicious taste.
Why the red snapper is good to be consumed?
The red snapper is a popular warm water fish with white and juicy meat. They have sweet mild nutty flavor that responds well to many fish recipes and cooking methods. However, they are best to be cooked with grilling, frying, and baking method.
To grill the red snapper, you can remove the head and the tail first, after that clean the scales and gutted them out. You can give additional seasonings such as salt and black pepper plus a bit of lemon juice to enhance the sweet nutty flavor of the fish. Grill them properly and flip the fish to another side after you grill it for 3 to 7 minutes. Red snapper is also a great cook for deep frying, you can fry a whole fish or make some fillets and the pan fried them.
When buying red snapper, it is better to select the one with the skin still on because it holds the flesh together and you can check on their freshness easily. In addition, many other fish is often mistakenly as the red snapper but in fact they are different fish and thus it is best to check on the fish based on their scales and skin appearance as well.
Why, the red snapper is good to be consumed?
-          First thing first, the red snapper is rich and packed with healthy nutrition such as omega-3 fatty acids. Although the fish is only offer small amount of the omega-3 fats but they are also offer high level of protein, vitamins, and minerals. It is mean that snapper good for dietary menu.
-          Red snapper responds well to many different cooking methods and they are also a great fish to serve as appealing dishes in the restaurants. The reddish to pink skin makes it great for plating.
-          Red snapper is great alternative for salmon and tuna as well when you are bored with these top fish. Once in a while, you can try red snapper recipes to replace salmon or tuna dishes.
Hope this information regarding red snapper size and its facts help you to understand better the warm water fish.

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