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Red Snapper Sushi Preparation Methods

Before you try and eat red snapper sushi, you might want to know more information about this delicious Japanese delicacy. Now when you consider eating sushi with delicious taste then you might want to consider getting this red snapper as the sushi choice. The red snapper in sushi is considered as shiromi type or a white fish type. There are other fishes that are in the same type such as sea bass and halibut. So if you want similar choice then those where the one that you can also choose. But then again red snapper itself is very unique compared to the other white fishes. So it is one of the best that you should always try whenever you have the chance.

Delicious Red Snapper Sushi Texture and Flavour
Actually the red snapper is considered as a luxurious fish type as it is the “king” among all fishes. In Japan they also considered to bring in the good luck this is why; this type of sushi is a must to try.
The red snapper actually called as ma dai which means the true snapper. However, there are also other kinds of snapper that people also consume such as black snapper or the kuro dai, rock snapper or the ishi dai as well as the sweet snapper or the ama dai. Actually there is no known information about the origin on this fish name. But according to the record that is found on ancient ruins, the red snapper is called as tahi. After a while the word changes into Tai instead. But actually this Tai word is used to refer all kind of snappers.
If you want to eat red snapper sushi, then you should do it in the spring season. This is the time when the fishes are breading, thus they will contains more fat content. After the month of April most the fat content is already lost thus they would not be good to eat as sashimi and even sushi anymore.
Moreover the male red snapper is actually better compared to the female one. Especially, that is caught at the central Japan at the Naruto strait. You can see it from the bump that is located on the red snapper’s rear spine. This bump is actually happen because they continue to fight the tide in the strait that is very rigorous. This makes them able to develop their muscle better thus the texture of their meat is the best one available. This type of red snapper is then called as kobu dai or the bump snapper. And when they are caught in the spring season which make them filled with fat, then the red snapper sushi made using this type of meat is the best delicacy that you can ever eat.
Actually when preparing the sushi using this red snapper, there are three methods that are popular to use which also used on other white fishes that we mention before. Those methods are preparing it in plain condition whether it is aged or fresh. Preparing it using pine bark method or the matsugawa tsukuri, which is a good method if you like to also eat the skin of the red snapper as it is lighter compared to salmon skin. And last is preparing it using infusion of kombu method or the kobujime. The kombu itself is a type of seaweed and kelp which actually very popular because of the benefits to your health.
The texture of this fish itself is turgid which make it interesting. The smell itself is very mild but sadly it is quite watery which is why this fish is not very popular. The flavor that this fish has is not strong enough then the texture sometimes bothering people thus not many people like to consume this food fish. However, this problem can be taken care by putting the fish inside a refrigerator around a few hours to age them before using it. And then you will be able to remove the moisture inside the meat.
Furthermore the flavors will also becoming stronger especially since amino acid that is inside this fish is starting to decompose which will enhance its flavor. However, if you do this method then you will also lose the great texture that this food fish is famous off as the meat become soft. This nice texture is the one that people search for and you will only get it when the fish is still fresh. Thus if you like to consume a fresh fish then you might want to try having red snapper sushi but if you do not like the taste, then you can try the aging method that we have mention before.
But if you want to use matsugawa tsukuri method, then you need to cook the skin of the red snapper and only left the meat to still in raw condition. Actually this method is only use on the red snapper is not on other white fishes. To do this method, first you need to get boiling water. Then you need to pour the water into the side of the red snapper fillet that still has the skin attached. Then immediately take the entire fillet and put it inside a bowl of ice water. This is done to shock the fillet and preventing so the meat on the fillet would not get cooked and still in raw condition.
For the third method, then the chef will put the red snapper meat into wet kombu so the flavor will be infused into the meat. This method will also absorbed the exceed moisture that is also available inside the meat. The meat will also get delicious kombu flavor from using this method. This will also make the meat flavor to be stronger and more delicious to eat.
Those are some information about red snapper sushi that you should know before you start to order this nice and delicious delicacy. Once you know those information, then you might know better on how to achieve the taste that you like using different method that we have mention before here.

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