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Red Snapper for Restaurant

Red snapper for restaurant needs high quality meats to serve the customers. That’s why when you run restaurant business; you need to make sure you get the best suppliers to deliver you red snapper fish with premium quality. Of course you also need to consider the price, but as long as the customers satisfied with the snapper quality, they will come to your restaurant over and over again thus you will gain some profit.
Red snapper itself is a warm water fish valued highly for the taste and it also one of the most important export import commodities in the whole world. The snapper has deep red to pink skin with a bit silvery shades appear on the appearance. When cooked, this fish will give you sweet taste with a bit nutty flavor. They are best when cooked by grilling, baking, and frying. Although they are responds well to almost many cooking methods as well.

Red snapper for restaurants in a whole and fillets
Most of seafood restaurants sometime prefer to order red snapper fillets since they are better in appearance than red snapper in a whole. Fillets offer interesting and more beautiful plating than red snapper in a whole thus many restaurants prefer to serve fillets in their plate for the customers.
The fillets usually sourced from red snapper suppliers or dealers in frozen form. They are packed in air vacuum packaging to lock the freshness so the bacteria will not make the fish spoilage faster. Here is the order of the delivery of red snapper for restaurants:
-          The restaurant will order a large amount of red snapper fillets for their weekend stock. Usually seafood restaurant will order new red snapper fillets in Thursday so they will get new stock of fresh or frozen fillets right in the Friday morning.
-          Red snapper for restaurant sourced from trusted fish supplier. Of course they will more than one dealers to get snapper fillets in case one supplier cannot deliver new snapper fish to the restaurant.
-          The snapper fish will be packed inside air vacuum packaging and then they are frozen inside special freezer during the shipping trip thus they are still in the freshest condition even after the long journey. The supplier needs to ensure the safety of red snapper delivery until reach the destination. The shipping trip might damage the fish and thus they need to handle the delivery of red snapper carefully.
-          After the snapper fillets arrive on the restaurant, the fish will be kept inside frozen storage with some set of temperature. When the fillets are ready to be cooked, they will be thawed first.
The process of delivering red snapper for restaurant business in a whole condition is basically just the same, however for quick preparation, sometime the restaurant ask the suppliers to clean the whole red snapper already. The supplier will clean and gutted out the fish as well as remove the scales. Although, some restaurant also like to serve the fish still with the head and tail attached.
Best quality of red snapper for restaurants
It is best to check the quality of the red snapper before you order them. To make sure the freshest of the fish or whether the snapper still edible then here are the characteristic. To select high quality of red snapper for restaurant, you can tell from their smell, appearance, and texture.
-          Check for the smell first, it is the easiest thing to tell you whether the fish still good. If you spot something off with the smell of the fish then do not buy it. That’s also similar when you want to purchase frozen red snapper in a whole or fillets.
-          Check the texture, their flesh should firm and tight. For fillets, it is better to buy the fish with the skin still on because the skin help to hold the flesh together. In addition, you need to press the flesh and if the flesh bounced back when you press them then they are still good.
-          When you want to purchase frozen fish, make sure there is no freezer burn on the fish package or ice crystal. It is mean that the fish is already in the freezer for a long time and it is not the freshest fish.
-          If you buy red snapper in a whole, check the eyes appearance, it should appear bright and shiny. Avoid sunken look because it means the fish is no longer fresh.
-          The fish should not have any discoloration, darkening, and drying especially around the edges.
-          Never purchase frozen fish if their packaging is torn, damaged, or crushed.
When you store the fish to cook later, you need to check on their packaging. There should be some information regarding proper temperature setting thus the fish freshness can be kept till they are cooked.
How to store frozen red snapper for restaurant
When you order red snapper fish for restaurant, it is better to separate them with other fish when you want to store them in the freezer. It is especially when the fish is not air vacuum packaged. It will prevent cross contamination of the red snapper with other seafood.
If the restaurant used unpackaged cooked seafood then you need to separate them with the raw fish condition. Do not forget to wash and clean your hands with warm water and soap before and after handling the red snapper fish. You also need to clean the cooking utensils when handle the fish for sanitary because you also need to care about the safety and the sanitary of the customer’s seafood.
If the red snapper fish is used raw such as for sushi restaurant, then you should carefully select the quality of red snapper for restaurant. Make sure that the meat is not contaminated with bacteria or viruses. Careful and proper freezing will kill parasites of the fish because some fish may contain harmful parasites. Hope all this information help you to understand more about snapper fish for restaurant especially when you select the fish for top restaurant business.

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