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When you want to purchase fish from red snapper sushi suppliers then you should be very careful. There are some cases where other species or types of fish are mislabeling as red snapper for sushi. This is why understanding snapper fish is important before you really order from seafood suppliers.
The red snapper is always become the symbol of ‘good luck’ in Japan country. They are not only gives beautiful appearance, but many people call them as the ‘King of fishes’ in Japan. In sushi restaurant, the red snapper is often considered as one of the most luxury fish. Just like tuna and salmon, red snapper meat is highly ordered by many sushi lovers in restaurants.
Red snapper for sushi in Japan originally called tahi which eventually becomes tai that referst to general snapper. For your information, the red snapper in Japan is also called as ma dai or the true snapper while there are other certain fish which related to the snapper like rock snapper or ishi dai, black snapper or kuro dai, and sweet snapper or amadai.

Buying snapper from trusted red snapper sushi suppliers is better during spring season since they are really abundant. Moreover, the female red snapper in spring season is ready to breed while the male one is in better condition. DO NOT buy snapper which caught after April because most of them are already lose a lot of fat content and thus they are not good to be used as sushi ingredient.
Buying fish from red snapper sushi suppliers
When selecting red snapper from snapper sushi suppliers, always look for a fish with a lot of fat content because it will makes the sushi more delicious and many sushi chefs favored such fish. Do not forget to purchase snapper fish in their best condition with delicate texture and amazing sweet flavor.
Choosing red snapper for sushi is better in a whole because you can easily check for their freshness and quality when they are stay in a whole. Technically, look for the bright eyes and not sunken look because dry eyes might be the sign of spoilage. Their flesh should be firm and moist with juicy appearance. If you press the flesh and they are not bounced back then avoid buying it. Last, buy snapper that smell fresh just like the ocean and their skin appearances still bright. You can ask for red snapper in premium quality for sushi. However, always be careful when buying red snapper because sometime cheap red snapper sushi suppliers mislabeled other fish as snapper. For example, tilapia can often be mistakenly as red snapper. You need to buy the ‘true snapper’ and please take a note that NEVER purchase farmed snapper because they are contains many harmful mercury and pollutions. Not to mention their taste and texture are not that good for sushi.
Preparing red snapper for sushi
Red snapper is categorized as one of the best white fishes or in Japan it is called as shiromi. If you wonder how to prepare red snapper for sushi then there are basically three techniques which often used to prepare other white fish as well. These methods are also often used when preparing fish like sea bass and halibut. Here are three ways to prepare red snapper sushi:
1.      Fresh or aged red snapper fish
The first way to prepare red snapper sushi is serve them as fresh or aged fish. Fresh red snapper usually have watery and moist flesh with delicate flavor and aroma. If you want to prepare stronger aroma and flavor of red snapper then you can refrigerate the fish for couple of hours. By doing this, it will lower the moisture content and then enhance the aroma. In addition, the amino acids will start to decompose and in the end it will improve the deeper taste.
The disadvantage of such serving way is that the flesh of red snapper sushi is become very soft and of course since the fish is refrigerated for a long time, they lose its ‘fresh’ appearance. So it is all depend on the customer preferences, if they like fresh red snapper fish then serve it quickly. However, if they want to have deep flavored red snapper then they can always try the aged red snapper.
2.      Pine bark preparation
This serving method is often called as matsugawa tsukuri. After you purchase the fish from fresh red snapper sushi suppliers, only the skin is cooked while the flesh under it still raw. Such technique only used to serve red snapper sushi. The snapper need to be prepared as fillets for the first, and then the chef boiling water and then the hot water is carefully pour on top of the skin on fillets. To avoid the skin cooked deepen to the flesh, the fish will quickly shocked with ice water. Alternatively, some sushi chefs using gas torch to prevent the hot water erase the delicate flavor of the red snapper. However, using the second method may overcook the meat under the skin. It will result in pine bark appearance because the snapper skin will shrink and turns a bit of grey color.
3.      Infusing snapper with kombu extracts
Or you may call it as kobujime, the red snapper fillets are laying on top of wet kelp so the flavor of the kelp will be absorbed or infused by the fish fillets. When it is done, the some of the excess moisture of the fish will be transferred to the wet kelp while the flavor of the kelp is transferred to the snapper flesh. The red snapper flavor will be enhanced by wet kelp taste. Although the kelp is bland but they are often being used as powerful ingredients to improve the flavor of fish and you need to know that this is one of the basic cooking methods in Japan.
That’s some cooking and preparing methods of red snapper sushi. Of course the most important point is to select the best quality fish from red snapper sushi suppliers when you want to serve the customers with good sushi dish.

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